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Explain TLS like I’m 5

Now, here's a good way to understand about SSL/TSL  connections. While we were scouring the web for effective ways to…
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Food for thoughtMobile Marketing

‘Hyper Social’ people are more likely to be addicted to their phones

As smartphones evolve to be able to serve more functions, we inevitably find ourselves even more riveted to our devices.…
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Blog - Remarketing
MarketingMobile Marketing

Things you wanted to know about Remarketing but were too afraid to ask.

A marketing strategy proven to work over and over again is Retargeting One of the great responsibilities we have when…
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MarketingMobile Marketing

7 Tips on what should your Marketing SMS say?

An important factor to remember when marketers invest in their marketing SMS campaign is the word count limitations – 160…
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Food for thought

Don’t jump the gun

Now as you know, SmsDome has recently expanded into the Malaysia SMS marketing industry. And during one of the visits…
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Food for thoughtMobile Marketing

SMS Marketing – 1 magical second is all it takes

As a Mobile Marketing company, we often find ourselves buried deep in information about… well… Marketing. And truth be told,…
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